When should an old mattress be replaced with a new one?

Every piece of equipment used for a longer period of time sooner or later wears out, loses its properties, starts to have more disadvantages than advantages. It is natural to replace it with a new and efficient one. When it comes to replacing a mattress, used for too long, it no longer provides not only the comfort of rest, but also basic hygienic values, the lack of which significantly affects daily, proper functioning.

When is a mattress suitable for replacement?

Various, more or less noticeable changes may indicate that the existing substrate has become unfit for further use. Among the most troublesome and most signalling of an immediate need for replacement are:

  • Perceptible springs or deformations, or cavities in the top layer, that are pressing when changing position.
  • the characteristic sound of squeaking and creaking of the structure (however, it should be recognized if it is not the rack’s fault)
  • there is a significant cavity in the middle of the mattress, which causes an unnatural and uncomfortable position of the spine
  • Visible dirt and contamination on the surface of the mattress, constant unpleasant smell of dust
  • change of health preferences, spinal problems, loss or gaining weight
  • feeling unwell, feeling unsleepy and sore muscles

Consequences of sleeping on a worn mattress

By underestimating the above disturbing signals, there are many unpleasant consequences that will directly affect daily life. The most troublesome include sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating, distraction, neck, neck and back pain and fatigue. Unfortunately, prolonged use of the crashed sleeping surface may lead to even more serious symptoms, which have a direct impact on health. It is worth knowing that the following ailments are at stake: weight fluctuations, cell regeneration disorders, appearance and deepening of wrinkles, apathy, significantly reduced productivity, constant bad mood, problems with physical activity and even unpleasant spine diseases.

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