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Tent mattress – which one to choose? Which is the best?

A night in a tent is an unforgettable experience that can be remembered not only for the beautiful views.

However, an inappropriate choice of mattress can often result in a sleepless night or painful conditions that make your holiday unpleasant. So which mattress to choose for your tent? What should you look for to make sure it is comfortable? We answer these important questions in the following section. We also present some interesting solutions that can work perfectly in various conditions.

Cheaper or more expensive model?

This is one of the main questions when choosing a tent mattresses. So which mattress should you choose? The answer depends on the frequency of use. When our trips are sporadic or occasional, a more economical model will be sufficient. Of course you can buy a more expensive model, but a year or two of lying in the wardrobe may cause that the mattress will lose its properties. If you are planning more frequent trips, it is worth investing in a higher-end model.

A more expensive inflatable tent mattress will be made of more durable materials, will be more durable and will serve even for a few seasons, and sleeping on it will be more comfortable.

Cheap mattresses can be purchased for about  10 pounds  and those of better quality from 20-60 GBP. A good way to save money is to buy a mattress online. It does not require trying it on and the general description is sufficient to choose an appropriate model.

Trekking mattresses

This is a special group of mattresses designed for people who often spend the night in the mountains. They are made of thicker material, which provides better insulation. They are also more solid and, when inflated, much more massive. Another feature that can both please and disturb – are the dimensions. Manufacturers, caring about weight and size, often use contoured shapes. If people do not feel very confident on small surfaces, this can be a kind of disadvantage. Prices of such constructions start from about 50 pounds and the upper limit is even several hundred GBP.

Single or multi-person model?

The issue of multi-personality is another factor that influences the quality of sleeping. If two people are sleeping on it – the choice seems obvious. However, in the case of a single person trip, the option of a larger mattress is also tempting. If we do not care about space, for example because we spend most of the time outside or we have a large tent we can afford such a luxury. The two-person versions are definitely more comfortable, they don’t cost much more than the one-person ones and their weight and size are just a bit bigger.

What to look for when choosing a particular model?

Irrespective of the selected functionalities it is worth taking care of certain elements that affect the overall quality of the mattress. The first of these is the thickness of the material. The best ones are made of several layers, which ensures high durability and longevity. The finish is also extremely important. Velour or a pleasant material influences the comfort of use, tactile sensations or the non-slipping of the cushion. These are seemingly secondary issues, but become more important after prolonged use.

If you are choosing a mattress for two people, it is advisable to choose a multi-chamber mattress. It provides great comfort and convenience. If one person falls over, the other hardly feels it. The chambers work independently of each other and it is also a big plus that if one of them is damaged, the whole mattress is still functional.

If the mattress does not come with an electric pump, it is worth getting one. Frequent topping up or definitive filling of the mattress can be a bit of a nuisance.

Every longer backpacking trip in the mountains or a family camping trip lasting several days is inevitably connected with a rest after a demanding day. In order to regenerate properly, it is worth considering what to sleep on in the tent. Popular solutions include inflatable mattresses.

Depending on whether you’re planning a backpacking trip in the mountains or a tent camping trip with your family, you should choose the right bedding. Ideally one that provides a good night’s sleep. You’re faced with a decision: which inflatable mattress to choose? Inflatable mattresses are slightly better than the popular sleeping pads used on mountain trails. Many people associate sleeping outdoors with giving up all comforts, not getting enough sleep and counting the “rams” until morning. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Which inflatable mattress to choose?

First of all, it’s worth analysing your own needs. Inflatable mattresses can be divided into two basic categories: trekking and tourist. Trekking is understood to be travelling with a backpack through mountains and valleys combined with staying overnight in a tent. In this case, we will be interested in low weight of the equipment and small size after packing. If, on the other hand, we prefer family camping, i.e. we pack all the items we need to function in nature to the car, a hiking mattress will be suitable. It’s suitably thicker and takes up more space, but guarantees high comfort, reminiscent of a real king-sized bed.

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