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High-flexible mattresses

This is one of the best purchases for those looking for cheap mattress, but at the same time providing high sleeping comfort every night.

Mattresses with high elastic foam are still underestimated in our market and are repaired comfortable and affordable. The foams have different hardness – e.g. medium soft H2 or medium hard H3. The combination of both hardnesses in double mattresses for DUO pairs is also nice.

High-flexible mattresses are made of high-flexible foam, which is also called HR foam. This is polyurethane foam, which, however, has much better properties than popular polyurethane foams, the so-called upholstery foams, which are used in the cheapest mattresses on sale.

First of all, high-flexible foams are about 40% more durable and durable than regular foams, which is why mattresses made of them are able to serve for a much longer time. Apart from that, they are also characterized by a different cell structure, which translates into their better flexibility – hence their name. The more flexible foam adapts better to the curves of the body, giving comfortable support along its entire length. Therefore, we will sleep much more comfortably on highly elastic mattresses than on the cheapest of the PUR foams.

Most often, high-flexible mattresses can be bought in a medium-hard version, i.e. universal, which fits most users.

It is worth noting that high-flexible mattresses can be bought in two variants of the core – foam or pocket springs. Prices of these models are similar, so you can choose the one providing more comfort. 

For people with allergies, mattresses made entirely of foam will be a much better choice – they are more airy and hygienic. Foam mattresses can also be used on adjustable frames, which is not possible with models with springs.

On the other hand, mattresses with pocket springs are more durable and can also be purchased with zone springs – different in hardness. This provides better support for the body along its entire length.

You can easily buy High-flexible mattresses online or in many furniture stores in dublin.

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