Effects of sleeping on a poorly mattress

Sleep allows us to fully recover after a whole, hard day. That is why it is so important to ensure the best possible conditions during this time, among other things by choosing a mattress that meets our requirements. If we buy an unsuitable model, we can start to struggle with insomnia as well as back pain.

The impact of a poorly chosen mattress on health

Choosing the right mattress affects many areas of health. First of all, its hardness plays a major role in the condition of our spine. If our mattress is too soft, our back will bend unnaturally, just like lying in a hammock. On the other hand, if the chosen model is too hard, we will straighten unnaturally. The conditions in which we rest are important, because during sleep spinal fluid flows out of the spine and levels out in the intervertebral space. People who are struggling with allergies may also feel the effects of buying an ordinary mattress when it starts to collect dust, which may intensify their allergy symptoms.

Sleep problems

An uncomfortable mattress can make the quality of our sleep significantly decrease. Because of this, in the morning, we can wake up tired, with the impression that we do not rest at all for the night. Through an ill-suited model, we will struggle to fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night. Short or intermittent sleep will significantly affect the level of concentration during the day. It may also affect our performance. It is during the night-time rest that processes take place to help us remember information and make decisions. The lack of this often leads to obesity or diabetes. It also affects the appearance of depression. Unsleepy people are more likely to suffer from headaches, which makes them irritated.

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