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Check the dimensions before choosing a bedside locker

Practical things make our lives easier and more comfortable. When you go to bed, you need somewhere to put your book or phone. And a bedside lamp near the bed can come in handy, too. And with the right bedside lockers, you can get all that in one place. Although their aesthetic qualities are just as important as their functional ones, we should focus on their dimensions first. For a low bed in a minimalist style, we should choose a different cabinet than for a continental bed. It is thanks to the proper adjustment of the cabinet height to the bed that we will be able to use it comfortably. It is best, therefore, if the lockerĀ  is a little higher or equal to the height of the bed. If it is too low or too high, it will make reaching for things on it difficult, and it will also look strange in composition with the bed. It’s all about proportion. It’s not so much the height of the bed that needs to be considered as the height of the mattress, or more precisely how high it is from the floor, as it often extends over the bed frame. If you want to make sure that everything will fit together perfectly, you should rely on the suggestions of producers. Bedroom furniture from one series, i.e. a bed and bedside tables, match best in terms of visual aspect and dimensions.

The final choice of the bedside locker should be preceded by the user’s thoughts on how he plans to use this piece of furniture. For some people it does not matter much, but then it turns out that an ordinary table without drawers is not able to hold a lamp, a book and a telephone, not to mention a glass of water, which is worth having by the bed. What’s more, all that stuff on top makes a mess. For minimalist lovers who don’t plan on storing too many things near the bed, we recommend tables, or furniture without drawers. Here you can also use those less classic models in the meaning of bedroom furniture. On the other hand, for those who care about total minimalism and don’t like things lying in plain sight, we recommend classic bedside lockers with drawers. On the top of the cabinet you can place decorative trinkets, and drawers or shelves will be useful as a hiding place to put away a book, smartphone or glasses in the evening before going to bed. In fact, a bedside cabinet can be made into a very functional and practical piece of furniture.

We’ve already chosen the wall colour, bed and wardrobe for the bedroom, so it’s time for the rest of the furnishings. A bedside locker is one of those things that no bedroom should be without. It’s a small piece of furniture that has lots of functions – you can store your essentials, put a reading lamp in it and even change the look of your bedroom. So here’s how to choose the perfect bedside lockers for your bedroom.

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