All you need to know about foam mattresses

Looking for the right mattress is a long and winding road. Foam models are very popular, especially because of their irreplaceable properties. Wondering what? Below we have compiled the necessary information for everyone who wants to decide on this type of mattress.

Advantages and properties of foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are characterized primarily by their innovative construction supported by technology without springs. The most flexible models are highly elastic and thermo-elastic – the former are characterized by high elasticity, thus adapting to the user. The thermoelastic ones, on the other hand, have an innovation in the form of foam that reacts to body temperature, thanks to which the mattress adapts perfectly to the figure, supporting the spine in a stable way. This component is used in medical models, which are characterized by high quality and anti-bedsore properties.

The main feature of foam mattresses that directly affects the comfort of use is that the substrate, thanks to the foams, perfectly adapts to the spine, creating a cast of the whole body, while being highly resistant to deformation. Additional convenience in the form of 7 hardness zones, which occurs in foam mattresses, supports the back and allows you to forget about everyday morning back pain when getting up. Latex models are products that are equally resistant to deformation, however, the antibacterial properties of the material contribute to an even higher quality of sleep hygiene. Excellent ventilation, which is characteristic of foam mattresses, results in noticeably longer life and durability.

Who are foam mattresses for?

They are for everyone. For adults, adolescents and children – however, for particular groups, other properties are dedicated, individually selected according to weight, height, health condition and age. Each foam, which is a component of a foam mattress, is responsible for a different function – that is why it is important to choose according to your own preferences. These models are also recommended for people with illnesses thanks to the unique health-promoting properties of thermoelastic foam in particular. Foam mattresses will also be ideal for those who love the latest solutions – these are one of the most innovative options among mattresses.

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